“The only stable state is the one in which all men are equal before the law”  —  Aristotle 

“The only stable state is the one in which all men are equal before the law”  —  Aristotle 

Legal Notice

Legal Notice




I do NOT take any responsibility for the information provided on this website. Especially, information provided in tutorials may be wrong. Try at your own risk.



All content of this website is copyright by Andreas Schwenk. If you would like to reuse some of my content (e.g. photos), please contact me via email: contact@arts-and-sciences.com.

Data Protection Declaration

Data Protection Declaration

This protection declaration aims to fulfill the demands of the General Data Protection Regulation (in the following "GDPR"). If you have any questions, do not hesitate to mail to contact@arts-and-sciences.com.

§1 Principle

Personal data (in the following "data") is only processed when necessary, to provide a functional and user friendy website.

§2 Responsibility

Responsibile for this website is: Andreas Schwenk, 51570 Windeck, Germany.

§3 Rights of Users

The users have following the rights (with respect to the data processing that is described in more detail below):

  • The right of validation of concerning data that is processed. They can request extensive information of data processing and are allowed to request a copy of their data (compare to Article 15 GDPR).
  • The right of correction of incomplete data and the right to ask for deletion of data (compare to article 16 GDPR).
  • The right of immediate deletion of data related to them (compare to article 17 GDPR).
  • The right to decline a future processing of their data (compare to article 21 GDPR).

§4 Information about data processing

All data of users is deleted as soon as the requirement for persistence vanishes.

  • Server Data:

    For technical reasons and to guarantee a safety and stable internet appearance, data of the users webbrowser and the users internet provider is transmitted to our webspace provider (www.1und1.de). With these so called server-logfiles, the type and version of the users webbrowser, the users operating system, the website from which the user was linked to our website (referrer URL), the website(s) of our internet appearance, date and time of each access as well as the IP-address of your internet connection is colleted. This data is stored temporarily (7 days at a maximum). It is not stored together with any other user data. This recording is referred to article 6 GDPR.

  • Contact:

    If you contact us via email, we use the data provided by you to process your inquiry (compare to article 6 GDPR). Your data is deleted as soon as your request os handled.

  • User Contributions, Comments and Reviews:

    We offer publishing questions, answers, opinions and review on our website. If the user makes use of this offer, we process and publish its contribution bundled with date and time of the contribution as well as the used pseudonym. The user can decline at any time. Furthermore, we process the users IP- and email-address. The IP address is processed to investigate further steps in case that the users contribution is illegal or violates the rights of third parties.

§5 Links to External Websites

We provide links to the following social media platforms and websites (listed without any special order):

  • Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Github, Github, LinkedIn, TH Koeln, ResearchGate, Xing, Wikipedia

We currently do not embed any remote content directly to our website. The provided links redirect the user to the appropriate sites. Data is only transmitted, if the user clicks on the links, or if the user configured its browser to prefetch data. We refer to the data protection declaration of the corresponding sites.

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